Recently Completed A Degree In Nutrition Or Exercise Science? Top Up Your Additional Credits To Become An Openly Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Submit your credit application to work out what subjects you have to complete, then receive a relative program discount in line with how many subjects remain.


Earn up to $150,000 per year as an accredited sports nutritionist.

If you’ve completed a degree in sports or exercise science, you may be aware that it doesn’t include nutrition programming. And if you’ve completed a health or nutrition program, it covers health and disease treatment or prevention, but not sports performance or body composition manipulation.

This means you aren’t able to charge clients for sports nutrition coaching. However, by applying for a credit and enrolling in our online certification, you can become a fully accredited sports nutritionist and accept paying clients in under 6 months.

Increase Your Income

Increase your income and make it far more secure than a location-based business that is reliant on you seeing people face to face.

Reduce Admin

Move into a profession that provides insured services including weekly check-ins that don’t require loads of tedious unnecessary patient admin.

Protect Your Liability

Become qualified and insured so you can practice sports nutrition safetly, without the risk of facing legal action due to practicing without adequate training.

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Flexible Payment Options

  • 7 x Monthly Payments
  • $5103 total (AU)
  • ~$5600 (NZ)
  • ~$3500 (US)
$4350 -17% Discount
  • 1 x Upfront Payment
  • $4350 total (AU)
  • ~$4750 (NZ)
  • ~$2995 (US)
$599 Deposit + Monthly
$329/month Cheapest Monthly Rate
  • 18 x Monthly Payments
  • $6192 total (AU)
  • ~$6700 (NZ)
  • ~$4200 (US)

Subjects Covered In The Course

  • How to program nutrition
  • Macros and micronutrients
  • Auditing food labels and nutrition standards
  • Coaching and developing client nutritional literacy
  • Digestive physiology
  • Digestion, absorption & assimilation of food
  • Applied Digestion
  • Digestive physiology as it relates to Sports Nutrition
  • Thermodynamics
  • BioEnergetics
  • Body composition assessment methods
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Endocrine considerations of exercise physiology
  • Cellular anatomy & function
  • Cellular metabolism
  • Exercise Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry applications in Sports Nutrition
  • Assessment
  • Referral Pathways
  • Triage Process & Referral Process
  • Energy availability explained
  • Low EA & RED-S – in Sports
  • Ergogenic aids – evidence supports
  • Ergogenic aids – needs more evidence
  • Ergogenic aids – evidence does not support
  • Ergogenic aids and Body Composition
  • Ergogenic aids and Performance/Recovery
  • Critical thinking & evidence hierarchy
  • Interpretation of papers
  • Interpreting research and applying it to practise
  • Practical application of exercise physiology theory & principles
  • Practical understanding of exercise and bioenergetic conditions & substrate utilisation
  • Service procession sports nutrition business introduction
  • Effective coaching strategies
  • Marketing and client communication strategies
  • Sports Nutrition service provision practise tools, systems and
  • implementation explained
  • Praital application for client settings for the following: – Weight loss
  • Weight/muscle/strength gain – Body Recomposition
  • Practical application for athlete specific nutrition for:
    • Endurance athlete
    • Team sports athletes
    • Crossfit athlete
    • Strength athlete

Receive a discount depending on how many subjects you need to complete.

By uploading your transcript our team can tell you which areas you need to complete in order to be qualified and how much investment is required. Our graduates typically spend between $1000 to $2500 depending on their needs.

The Roadmap To A Certificate In Applied Sports Nutrition

The Roadmap To A Certificate In Applied Sports Nutrition

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