The Sports Nutrition Association Presents

The Women in Sports Nutrition Seminar

Hear from the country, and world's leading Sports and Performance Nutrition Professionals in their respective fields.

Dr Zoya Huschtscha

Considerations for Female Strength Athlete Nutrition @the_strong_dietitian

Nina Gelbke,
BSc & Openly Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Plant Based Sports Nutrition and Considerations for Athletes with Type I Diabetes


Tyarra Nelson,
RD & Openly Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Prepping and working with Female Physique Athletes

@tyarranelson & @thebodybuildingdietitians​

Alicia Gowans,
MBA & Openly Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Running a year on year multi 6-figure business while being a world class/champion athlete


Dr Louise Burke

Energy Availability & devising an effective framework of standardised testing 

Physique Contest Prep Seminar

The seminar covers the following topics:

Improvement Season Phase

Pre-Prep Phase

Prep Phase

Recovery Phase

Training Programming

Dietetic Considerations for Physique Athletes

This is a 1-day event with 5 topics being presented.

The event is being held on Saturday the 11th of March at the Mantra on Queen street, and will run from 9am until 4pm with a 90 minute lunch break, water tea and coffee will be provided.

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