• Improve/change body composition
  • Manage and change weight (weight loss/gain)
  • Improve performance
  • Unregistered practice in nutrition
  • People getting hurt
  • Professionals being sued
  • We are the first (and presently only) professional body to standardise the practice in Sports Nutrition globally in a manner that is inclusive of all
  • Advisory board here:
  • Assessors & career advisors:
    • All of our assessors & career advisors are Openly Accredited – degree qualified (ranging from exercise scientists/physiologists, registered dietitians and sports dietitians) members, who are permanent part time employees for the association, who maintain a substantial part time client load in private practice. We structure these roles intentionally so that we can guarantee the information you are being provided for your career advice, or feedback on your assessment is coming from someone who has achieved at a very high level what you are wanting to achieve, and has their finger very much on the pulse in private practice & client work.
  • We are the first and only Association to established a minimum standard of education, experience requirements that coincide with levels of Accreditation as a Sports Nutritionist
  • As a result of these established standards, we have provided a framework where the public & insurers + underwriters can be (and are) comfortable endorsing and working with our professional members
  • We have Trademarked – & are in the process of attaining Certification marks of quality assurance in each country/region we operate in – the title Accredited Sports Nutritionist to ensure the standards associated with the title we have worked hard to establish are not tarnished or diluted in any manner that may result in the public being mislead in the quality and assurances of a service provider in this space.
  • We conduct annual audits of everyone of our members to ensure that these standards and practices are being maintained
  • We conduct annual reviews of our standards & academic curriculum requirements, in conjunction with our insurance partners, lawyers, regional government health commissions, & advisory board to ensure that the standards are both meeting the needs of the industry & reflecting the organisation’s vision for industry impact & improvement
  • To improve the quality and experience of the general public & athletes/sporting teams alike with their nutrition.
  • As well as to improve the standard of the fitness and nutrition industries.
    • Prior to our establishment, there were no standards in Sports Nutrition (outside of the small exclusive Sports Dietetic fields
To ensure the sustainable prosperity of the Sports Nutrition Profession
  • To improve the nutrition experience of the world through:
    • Education
    • Regulation &
    • The ongoing maintenance and improvement of standards
  • To have an industry and world where people receive sound and safe advice from nutrition professionals, and the public are equipped with the knowledge to know who and where to turn to for this information.
  • We strive for continual improvement – aiming for excellence in what we do

  • We understand that the industry needs to improve & that we provide a unique solution to it 

  • We understand that no process or system is perfect 

  • We understand and appreciate that the things we do today are not what we will be doing in 5, 10, and 15 years time 

  • We understand and appreciate just how important feedback is to continue to innovate and improve

  • To act in integrity, honour your word, and respond with ability 

  • It is important that we act responsibly with how we serve our members, and the public. And most importantly how our members act with each other and to the public. 

  • It is important that we facilitate and maintain at all times (in a meritocratic manner) the rules and regulations associated with the insurers, underwriters, government commissions & 3rd party agencies in every region we operate in, in their bespoke manner required.

  • In how we operate, honouring our word, leading by example

  • Operating based on fact & merit before personal preference & opinion

  • Being honest and having strong moral principles  

  • Embodying a transparent, honest and conscientious approach to all things we do

    • Embracing our duty of care to the public, to the industry as a whole and to ourselves

  • With our professional members, ensuring they are supported. 

  • With members of the public ensuring they are protected 

  • With the 3rd party compliance, government commissions & insurers we work with to maintain the ecosystem of Sports Nutrition standardisation 

  • And how our professional members interact with the public

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