About Us

Our mission is to ensure the sustainable prosperity of the sports nutrition profession.

Currently operating in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia and Europe, we are the only professional body responsible for establishing and standardising best practices in Sports Nutrition.

We also provide education and Certification for Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Online Coaches & Exercise/Sports Scientists, and Clinical Nutritionists looking to add Sports Nutrition service provision to their insured scope of practice.

Our advisory board of leading researchers, practitioners, insurers and global underwriting firms review and update our content every year based on the latest research and insurance.

Establish Standards

Prior to our formation, no ‘minimum standard’ for a Sports Nutritionist existed. The Association’s founders worked with underwriters to establish a framework that ensures a minimum standard is met for Sports Nutrition education, practice and insurance.

Educate Effectively

Access to legitimate undergraduate Sports Nutrition education is uncommon, and as a result there are a number of professionals who have not completed all the relevant subjects and relevant degree programs required to register without further study.

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Regulate Diligently

Once education standards have been met we focus on the regulation of the professional members via annual audits, ongoing education with 6 month refresher programs and annual CPD.

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Why This Is Important

Legitimate registration with a relevant scope of practice that enables professionals to practice while being covered by insurance ensures that both the registered professionals and their clients are covered in the event of a worst-case scenario.

While the standards the body sets out ensure these scenarios are reducing significantly. If you are a fitness professional, exercise or sports scientist, exercise physiologist, clinical nutritionist, clinical dietician or a non-accredited sports nutritionist, you actually don’t have the registration or access to insurance that covers your practice.

As a personal trainer or exercise physiologist, many short course providers will only cover you for 'advice' which is not prescriptive and sets you up for legal risks.

For clinical nutritionists and dietitians who are not dually registered as a sports dietitian, your registration and cover is only for medical nutrition interventions.

Sports performance, body composition manipulation are typically not included and for good reason — exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, adaptive thermogenesis and energy availability is not required to complete these programs.

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Danny Lennon


Alex Thomas

President /Founder

Dr. Eric Trexler

Matt White


Dr. Shawn Arent

Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Laurin Conlin


Dr. Cliff Harvey

Dr. Eric Helms