Our mission is to ensure the sustainable prosperity of the sports nutrition profession.

Our mission is to empower the world to make informed nutrition choices for optimal health and performance. We achieve this by setting rigorous standards for sports nutrition professionals, promoting education, and protecting the public from misinformation.

We are dedicated to advancing the field of sports nutrition by providing comprehensive education, establishing a global network of accredited professionals, and advocating for the highest standards of practice in service of athletes and the public.

Our Why

We want to improve the nutrition experience of the world through education, regulation and the ongoing maintenance and improvement of these standards.

We want to have an industry and world where people receive sound and safe advice from nutrition professionals, and the public are equipped with the knowledge to know who and where to turn to for this information.

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How we do this:


Facilitating private formal Applied Sports Nutrition education.

Advisory Boards

Establishing a governance structure of Boards and Comittees to set standards globally.


Maintaining a public registry of accredited, non-affiliated sports nutritionists.


Supporting development and engagement in Sports Nutrition within the community.

Who We Work With

Fitness Professionals

Fitness Professionals

Personal trainers and coaches who want to increase their income, get better results for their clients and be able to coach clients from anywhere.

University Students

University Students

People who are currently studying and want to graduate with paying clients, and find out if they like the industry before commit to 4+ years of study.

Recent Graduates

Recent Graduates

People who’ve graduated in a sports science, nutrition or exercise degree that want to complete their edution and become legally insured.

Sports Nutrition Newcomers


People who want a fulfilling and high-paying career that love the idea of helping people achieve their health goes through nutrition.

Join the Sports Nutrition Association.

By becoming a member of the association you receive legitimate registration and professional insurance to make sure you are legally covered, and get access to a range of benefits including:

Sports Nutrition insurance.

Public listing on our registry.

Free access to NCGM membership.

Free access to updated course information.

40% off Eric Helms Muscle & Strength Pyramids

Free TDEE calcultor, EA calcultor & Health Assessment

Discounts to events, functions and conference.

Increase Your Income

Build a career and coach clients from anywhere in the country as a nationally accredited and legally insured nutritionist that can write meal plans.

Study At Your Own Pace

Study completely online at your own pace. There are assessment due dates but you can tune in to watch and re-watch lectures at your leisure.

Learn From The Best

Learn directly from the professional body regulates the industry, and receive support from assessors who are qualified sports nutritionists.

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