Code Of Ethics
And Professional Conduct


Sports Nutrition Association and its Professionals believe it is in the best interests of the profession and the public it serves to have a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in place that provides guidance to its Professionals in their professional practice and conduct. The Professionals have voluntarily adopted this Code to reflect the values and ethical principles guiding the profession and to set forth commitments and obligations of the Professional to the public, the clients, colleagues, and all others to which they provide Sports Nutrition services or advice.

When providing services the Professional adheres to the core values of customer focus, integrity, innovation, social responsibility, and diversity. Science-based decisions, derived from the best available research and evidence, are the underpinnings of ethical conduct and practice.

This Code applies to the Professional who may act in a variety of capacities, provides general principles and specific ethical standards for situations that may be encountered in practice. The primary goal is the protection of the individuals, groups, organizations and communities with whom the Professional interacts with. It is also intended to enhance the effectiveness of SNA in supporting its mission.

When enrolling for a certification or otherwise becoming a Certified Member, all Professionals agree to abide by the Code.


The following definitions will apply wherever used in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:
Candidate means any person who is in the process of registering / enrolling for a SNA certification, including those who completed the registration process.
Certified Member means a member holding a current SNA Registration.
Code means this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
CPD means the continuing professional development as mandated by SNA or otherwise required for the Certified Member’s SNA Registration.
Professional means any person who is a Candidate or Certified Member of SNA.
SNA means Sports Nutrition Association.
SNA Certification means the relevant SNA certification granted to the Candidate by SNA.
Sports Nutrition means the broad disciplinary field that focuses on the science behind and application of proper nutrition for general weight management, body composition management and manipulation, nutrition during exercise, athletic competition; the need for nutritional supplements among athletes (if any); and the role of proper nutrition and dietary supplements in enhancing an athlete’s performance.

Principles and Standards

The principles and standards set out below are written generally and do not address every situation encountered by the Professional. The circumstances of a situation will determine the interpretation and application of a given principle or standard as it relates to the Code.


The Professional Shall:

  1. practice using evidence-based approaches within the areas of competence or SNA Certification and continuously develop and enhance expertise including but not limited through CPD;
  2. only provide Sports Nutrition services or advice that they are qualified to provide through their relevant SNA Certification;
  3. assess the validity and applicability of scientific evidence without personal or commercial bias;
  4. interpret, apply, participate in and / or generate research to enhance practice, innovation and discovery;
  5. make evidence based practice decisions, taking into account the unique values and circumstances of the client in combination with the Professional’s expertise and judgement;
  6. recognize and exercise professional judgement within the limits of individual qualifications and collaborate with others, seek counsel and make referrals as appropriate;
  7. act in a caring and respectful manner, mindful of individual differences, gender, cultural and ethnic diversity.


The Professional Shall:

  1. disclose any conflicts of interest, including financial interests in products or services that are recommended;
  2. refrain from accepting gifts or services which potentially influence or which may give the appearance of influencing professional judgement;
  3. comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  4. be familiar with SNA by-laws, applicable codes, policies, procedures, rules, standards and guidelines;
  5. maintain and appropriately use credentials according to directives issued by SNA from time to time or otherwise in accordance with the SNA Registration;
  6. not misrepresent, the nature, status, scope or effect of their SNA Registration or SNA affiliation;
  7. respect intellectual property rights, including citation and recognition of ideas and work of others;
  8. provide accurate and truthful communications and not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct;
  9. report inappropriate behavior or treatment of a client by another Professional;
  10. document and bill to most accurately reflect the character and extent of services delivered;
  11. not do anything or behave in any manner that may bring the Professional or SNA in disrepute;
  12. not engage in illegal or improper use of the SNA documents, SNA Certification or any SNA trademarks or designations;
  13. respect the client’s autonomy and safeguard client confidentiality according to laws and regulations; and
  14. implement appropriate measures to protect personal health information using appropriate techniques and otherwise in accordance with laws and regulations.


The Professional Shall:

  1. respect the values, rights, knowledge and skills of colleagues and other professionals;
  2. demonstrate respect, constructive dialogue, civility and professionalism in all communication, including social media;
  3. refrain from communicating false, fraudulent, deceptive or disparaging or unfair statements or claims;
  4. refrain from verbal / physical / emotional / sexual harassment;
  5. contribute to the advancement and competence of colleagues, SNA and Sports Nutrition.

Education Standards

As part of maintaining the highest possible standards with respect to Competence, Integrity and Professionalism;

SNA provides Professionals with 
educational content and materials that align with current and best practice within the Sports Nutrition Profession. The educational content and materials delivered by SNA to Professional are delivered by experts in the field, in order to ensure that each Professional receives the highest quality of education, and by extension can deliver clients with the highest quality advice and care.

To achieve and maintain such education standards, SNA closely monitors and regulates the nature of educational content and material provided, as well as the delivery of that content. Accordingly, the Professional acknowledges and agrees that it will not, without first obtaining the approval of SNA:

(a) redistribute educational content and materials to clients or other professionals and providers of health services; and

SNA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct v1 31 July 2020

(b) whilst a member of SNA and associated with SNA, offer or deliver training or educational services, seminars or courses to other professionals, health care providers or the public generally.

The Professional acknowledges that there is a real and tangible risk that if it delivers education and training within the Sports Nutrition industry, that the individuals attending such education or training will assume that it is being delivered with the authority or approval of SNA. As such, the Professional will seek the approval of SNA prior to engaging in any such conduct.