Nutritionist reveals simple formula for weight loss

For most people, weight loss is a simple matter of mathematics- consume less food than your body expends to create a calorie deficit to trigger the body into burning its own fat. Though the tried and true formula sounds easy enough to execute, many employ alternative methods in hopes of finding that magic equation for […]

Common Nutrition Information That Seems Normal but Totally Isn’t

Between all of the different fad diets out there, one thing’s for certain — you’re going to hear a lot of information about nutrition that isn’t entirely correct. Like that carbs are bad for you (they’re not). Or that losing weight can slow down your metabolism. Alex Thomas, the founder of the Sports Nutrition Association […]

The 4 red flags that show you’ve got yourself a ‘bad’ personal trainer

Like finding a therapist, getting the right PT for you is a crucial but sometimes difficult search. Use these tips to narrow down the perfect person for you! Looking to book a personal trainer is a very personal thing. For starters, you are spending a lot of one-on-one time with that person so you need […]

Are protein bars any healthier than chocolate bars? Marginally, but there’s a catch

How do you get your protein? The question once asked of vegetarians, athletes and bodybuilders is null and void because the answer is: everywhere. While its macronutrient cousins, fat and carbohydrates have gone in and out of fashion, protein has emerged as a symbol of health and fitness. Slap a “high-protein” label on virtually any […]

How to pick a good personal trainer and what to avoid

Have you ever received dodgy nutrition or exercise advice from a PT? Alex Thomas, the founder of Sports Nutrition Association, says it’s likely many of us know when the advice we are being given just seems a bit…off, but advises it’s best to double check if you have concerns about your PT’s advice. “If the […]

Lifestyle influencer sued by Texas state for bogus meal plans

Brittany Dawn Davis, a fitness and Christianity influencer from Fort Worth, is being sued by the state of Texas for promising her followers personalized exercise and nutrition plans that never materialized. Davis’s website promised unsuspecting clients that her Brittany Dawn Fitness (BDF) crew would be with them “every step of the way”, but instead her […]